Descenders for Windows

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  • Version: 1.0

Indie downhill racing action game

Descenders is an action downhill bicycle game. Race down the side of mountains performing tricks and stunts to complete levels and advanced your team in an online rep battle.

Pedal on

Released in early 2018 under Steam's Early Access system, Descenders is a fast paced downhill action game focusing on tight controls and a life-based system of advancement. With the developers promising large content updates soon, the game launched with a single mode. Players must complete a track three times, with various boss jumps and challenges along the way. Challenge comes in the form of failed jumps costing lives, a system which feels almost dated when compared to the more standard rogue-like loss of progress death system. A pounding drum and bass soundtrack composed specifically for the game churns along in the background, adding a welcome sense of urgency to tracks. While Descenders currently feels a little empty, the bare-bones on offer provide some adductive gameplay which points to the bright future.

Bumpy ride

Descenders feels like an outdated game in the best way. The controls and gameplay hark back to Tony Hawk and Dave Mirra on PS2 but with a modern stylish upgrade.


  • Perfect controls
  • Great soundtrack


  • Lacking in real content
  • Levels become repetitive


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Descenders 1.0 for PC


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